with Damian Maclennan


Turbo charging Coded UI Tests in Visual Studio 2010

Patterns for creating flexible and maintainable UI Tests


With Visual Studio 2010 came a suite of testing tools including CodedUI Tests, a UI automation and testing framework. These tools, while powerful, have a number of pitfalls which can trip up teams on agile projects.

In this session Damian will demonstrate some patterns for creating flexible and maintainable UI tests using  Visual Studio Coded UI for testing without tears.


Friday, 11th February, 2011
7:30am Breakfast –  8:00am Presentation  – 9:00am Finish
Microsoft Office
Theatre 1, Level 9 Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street, Brisbane
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Speaker BIO

Damian Maclennan is a technologist and a strong advocate of agile project management and engineering practices such as TDD, CI and automated deployment.

As a Principal Consultant with Readify he regularly works with teams looking to improve their skills and processes and provides consulting, training and mentoring on the .NET platform.