Building a Cloud Platform on TFS, Visual Studio & SQL Server

with Andrew McGrath


SaaS systems are all the rage at the moment, but a platform for creating, modifying and managing those SaaS systems is what enterprises really need.
A thorough integration of TFS, visual Studio and SQL Server can deliver such a platform.

Topics to be covered include:

1. The Business Problem to be solved
2. SaaS - the current fad
3. APaaS - an Application Platform as a Service is the answer
4. Visual Web GUI vs Javascript vs ASP.NET for the UI
5. Steps to create and deploy a System
6. Technical challenges, solutions and amusements


Friday, 1st July, 2011
7:30am Breakfast – 8:00am Presentation – 9:00am Finish
Microsoft Office – South Stradbroke Island room
Level 28, 400 George Street
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Speaker BIO

For many of the past 13 years Andrew has built and deployed systems in an "extreme Agile" manner. These systems have been created to manage the operational side of major construction and engineering projects. Over the last few years this effort has evolved into a cloud platform.