Automated deployment with TFS & Octopus Deploy 

Paul Stovell 


Agile software delivery revolves around getting working software in front of people early, and that's easy when you're delivering a small demo application. But when deployments involve delivering multi-tiered solutions to multiple web, application and database servers in production and pre-production environments, deployment itself can be a risky, heart-pounding and time-consuming process. 

In this talk, I'll look at streamlining the delivery of .NET applications all the way from source control to pre-production and production environments. At the push of a button (or a source code commit), we'll take code, compile it, run unit tests, deploy it to multiple servers in a test environment, run smoke tests, and then promote it to production, all with more traceability and accountability than remote desktop. I'll show how TFS and Octopus Deploy can work together to put working software into the hands of users, faster.


Paul Stovell is the founder of Octopus Deploy, an automated deployment tool for .NET developers. Paul started Octopus in 2011 as an attempt to help himself and other developers to more reliably and easily deploy software to production. Since then, Octopus has grown up and now helps over 2000 customers around the world to automate their deployments. Prior to Octopus, Paul worked for an investment bank in London, and in Australia for Readify, a .NET consulting firm. Paul has been a Microsoft MVP since 2006, although lately he's seen the light and spends his time in AngularJS.

Date: Friday, 1st August 2014

Time: 7:30am Breakfast – 8:00am Presentation – 9:00am Finish

Where: Microsoft Office – South Stradbroke Island room Level 28, 400 George Street Brisbane

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