GettingResultsCover I was recently given a copy of a book entitled “Getting results from software development teams” by Lawrence J. Peters to read and review. The title was something that sounded quite interesting to me and would probably interest many of our user group members. The book is a little over 270 pages and is a reasonably easy read. It was a perfect choice for a few flights and a night in a hotel room while I was travelling. Here are my thoughts on the title.

The book is divided into three parts;

  1. The Preliminaries
  2. Software Development as a Process
  3. Management Methods and Technology

I found the book does a good job of dispelling several popular myths about managing teams and the author does a good job of backing up his ideas with sound examples from his person experience. Each reference the author makes includes a citation which is listed at the end of each chapter allowing you to follow up any of the references easily.

The authors style of writing makes the book quite an easy read. I found myself loosing focus towards the middle section of the book but that is really just a reflection on what you as the reader are most interested in. The author uses many real world examples of what works and does not work with software development and these are quite enlightening.

The book covers quite a number of different methods and it would be helpful if these were summarised in a tabular form to help you easily compare and contrast them.

The book does not specifically look at Microsoft Visual Studio Team System in any of the examples but that is not a goal of the book anyway. The advice he provides can, in many ways, be implemented through Team System and there were quite a few occasions when I thought, “That would never have happened if they were using TFS”.

In conclusion, if you are a Project Manager or looking to become one, I would strongly recommend you consider purchasing and reading this book. While you could just read the chapters that interest you, I would suggest a cover to cover read is well worth the few hours it would take to read it.

Thanks to the kind folks at MSPress.com.au, we have a brand new copy of this book to present to one lucky user group member that completed the recent survey. Congratulations to Daniel Moylan who will receive his book at our next meet.

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