with Matthew Rowen and Dylan Tusler

The final meeting of the QLD VSTS Users Group for this year is coming up on Friday 5th December. Please join us for an informative breakfast meeting!

Topics & Abstracts:

Using Business Intelligence to simplify reporting with TFS (30 mins)
We've all seen how TFS can simplify your source control, build automation and work item tracking. The next obvious thing to do is make use of all that data with powerful Business Intelligence reporting that comes with TFS due to the Analysis Services cube. Since reporting is something developers tend not to want to do, I will demonstrate how you as a developer can go about your regular daily development tasks (potentially making use of contest winner TFS Working On) while keeping your project manager happy. And as a project manager, how you can slice and dice the data to identify scheduling issues, build qualities, even the expense break-down of features.

Lessons learnt moving a TFS server (30 mins)
Local Government in Queensland is undergoing a revolution at present, with the amalgamation of many councils throughout the state. The new Sunshine Coast Regional Council is the 4th largest local government body in Australia, and is formed from the union of the former Maroochy Shire, Caloundra City and Noosa Shire Councils. Team Foundation Server was already in use in the former Maroochy Shire Council, and a decision was made early in the amalgamation process to roll out that system to the unified Councils to support the Transition and Consolidation Project being undertaken at Council.
As the new technical infrastructure of the merged councils is still being created, this presented a number of logistical challenges.
This talk will focus on the steps required to Migrate our TFS Single-server installation from one environment to another, and cover the common pitfalls and errors encountered in the process. It would be of interest to anyone thinking of migrating across domains, or just interested in the process of moving the complex beast that is TFS from one server to another.



Friday, 5th December, 2008
7:30am Breakfast -  8:00am Presentation  - 9:00am Finish
Microsoft Office
Theatre 1, Level 9 Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street, Brisbane


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Matthew Rowan

Matthew Rowan is a Senior Developer at Zap Technology. He has been developing BI Solutions for 2.5 years and .NET programming for over 5 years. He is married with a 5 month old son, so doesn't get to code at home much, and likes to surf when he can.

Dylan Tusler

Dylan Tusler is Team Leader of the Development, Data and Integration Team at the Sunshine Coast Regional Council. He is the site TFS Administrator, and has been involved in using and customising the Council implementation of TFS since the original pilot program in early 2006. Dylan has over 20 years experience in software development, and is an MCDBA and MCAD.NET.