Unravelling hidden tricks and tips in Visual Studio 2017

Justin Clareburt, Senior Program Manager for the Visual Studio team based in  Redmond


Come along and join Justin Clareburt from Microsoft Redmond in this informal look at the Visual Studio 2017 IDE. While he claims to know more hidden tips and tricks than anyone, I’d love to see our user group members teach Justin a trick or two while he’s here sharing many productivity tips to make you drive Visual Studio like a boss!

The plan for our meetup is to have a fun interactive session where we can all play around with VS2017 showing off our favourite features and discussing ideas. As usual they’ll be lots of chit-chat. And eating bacon. And muffins. And more bacon :)


Justin Clareburt
Justin is a Senior Program Manager for the Visual Studio team based in  Redmond. He is an expert in IDEs, he is known for his passion for the ultimate development experience, incorporating efficient, effective and accessible tools, commands and shortcuts. With over 20 years of software engineering experience at companies such as Amazon, NewsCorp, Symantec and the Australian Government, he is now at the front line of Microsoft's premier software development tools, designing and developing the tools of tomorrow.

Date: Tuesday, 17th Mary 2017

Time: 7:30am Breakfast – 7:45am Presentation – 9:00am Finish

Where: Microsoft Office – South Stradbroke Island room Level 28, 400 George Street Brisbane

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