The QLD ALM users group will not host a meeting in December or January as people are usually busy with Christmas festivities at work or away on holidays. I’d like to personally take this opportunity to wish all user group members a Merry Christmas and may 2015 be a prosperous and successful year for all.

I do have one small request and that is, if you can spare 2 minutes, could you please take a quick look at the Visual Studio ALM Rangers - Unit Test Generator "quick poll" survey? You may recall that up to and including Visual Studio 2010 you could right-click on a method and choose “Generate Unit test” from the context menu. This simply created the scaffolding for you to write your unit tests. It was a simple thing but it has been missed a little by the community. The ALM Rangers are considering a project to bring this back and need your input to determine if you would find it useful and what it should do if the project goes ahead.

Click the following link to get started.

Visual Studio ALM Rangers - Unit Test Generator "quick poll" survey


Anthony Borton
User group lead