Capture and Manage Requirements with Compuware‘s Optimal Trace interfaced to VSTS

Please join us for an informative breakfast meeting!

Some of the topics covered during this session include:

  • Discuss current requirements management trends and issues
  • Overview best practice recommendations for capturing, developing and managing the right level of requirements for particular project types
  • Look at methods for getting the business and technology communicating in a commonly understandable manner
  • Getting useful requirements in the .net environment using OT requirements gathering and the interface to VSTS
  • How requirements can flow into User and load testing Managing complex .net testing
  • How to find performance problems in .net apps using load testing, code quality tools and post production monitoring tools such as .net analyser
  • Reporting on .net applications in the live environment using Agentless and active methods.
Compuware‘s Optimal Trace
Friday, 28th September, 2007
8:00am to 10:00am Presentation 
Microsoft Office
Theatre 2, Level 9 Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street, Brisbane 
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Jeff Findlay - Senior Product Specialist, Compuware Corporation
Sean Salisbury - Senior Technical Specialist, Compuware