with James Brett

The next meeting of the QLD VSTS Users Group is coming up on 3rd October 2008. Please join us for an informative breakfast meeting!


Scrum:  A hands-on look at Scrum for Team System.


In this session James Brett will be introducing  Conchango's Scrum for Team System (SFTS) plug-in for tracking a Scrum project. Tracking progress is an essential part of Scrum as is making this progress visible. We can use a number of tools to help automate this process however, we must remember that using a Scrum tool does not mean we are doing Scrum AND that Scrum requires no tools to run successfully.

With that said, SFTS can take some of the pain out of the administrative duties of the Scrum master for those that are using VSTS as their work item repository.

We will walk through creating a SFTS project, entering Sprint planning data, burning down a sprint and completing the release, and look at how SFTS automagically produces our Scrum artefacts such as the Sprint and Product Burndown charts.

Friday, 3rd October, 2008
7:30am Breakfast -  8:00am Presentation  - 9:00am Finish
Microsoft Office
Theatre 1, Level 9 Waterfront Place
1 Eagle Street, Brisbane 


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 Speaker: James Brett

James Brett is a Software Development Manager for Maxgaming part of the Tattersalls group of companies base d in Brisbane, Queensland.

James has over 14 years experience in software development and has worked with a number of European blue chip companies such as Conchango, Volkswagen, Boots, Play.com and various leading financial organisations.  Having experienced a wide range of software development methodologies and frameworks he now concentrates his efforts solely in the Scrum and Agile camp as he believes strongly that contemporary software development requires high speed, flexibility and quality in an ever changing world of requirements.

James has recently taken on the role of Software Development Manager at Maxgaming and is in the process of rolling out Scrum throughout the development teams within the company.  Also acting as a "Scrum Coach" James delivers Scrum training and advice to other companies within the Tattersalls group, facilitating amongst other things an organisation Scrum Community group.   James has worked on numerous Scrum projects prior to this with Conchango, the developer of "Scrum for Team System" and leading providers of Scrum process guidance.

James is a Certified Scrum Master (CSM), MCSD and holds an honours degree in Microelectronics and computing.