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Getting started with Application Lifecycle Management

The September QVSTSUG meeting sees the user group president and vice-president teaming up to co-present a session that’s a little different from our regular technical sessions. This session is designed to help introduce attendees to the value that can be realised from an integrated ALM suite like VSTS. If you’re interested in getting a great high-level overview of just what VSTS can offer a team, make sure you come along. Be sure to tell your colleagues as well.

Date: Friday, 4th September
Time: 7:30am Brekkie 8:00am Presentation
RSVP: http://qvstsugsep09.eventbrite.com
Venue: Microsoft Office, Level 9
Waterfront place, 1 Eagle Street
Brisbane  QLD  4001

Session Abstract:

In this session you will see Anthony and William provide an end to end walkthrough on how an integrated ALM product like Visual Studio Team System can greatly improve many aspects of your software development projects. Historically many teams gradually introduce different tools into their process that often require a significant effort to make them work together. Integrated ALM suites like Visual Studio Team System make this much easier resulting in more confident and successful teams. In this session you'll watch the journey a feature takes from the initial requirement, through coding, unit testing, code analysis, performance analysis, build, packaging and deployment. Witness how the various members of your team can easily work together towards a common goal. During the journey, we'll also see how all team members have full visibility of the work being done through Visual Studio Team System's real time notification and reporting capabilities. This session is a fast paced, action packed walkthrough that offers value for every members of your software development team and it should not be missed.

About the presenters:

Anthony Borton

Anthony Borton is the lead ALM consultant for Enhance ALM Pty Ltd, an Australian consulting and training company specializing in Application Lifecycle Management and Microsoft Visual Studio Team System. He has been working with Visual Studio Team System full-time since 2005. Anthony has worked with a variety of companies ranging in size from just 3 employees up to some of Australia’s largest companies and financial institutions. Anthony is the lead Microsoft Technical Readiness Instructor in Australia for Microsoft Visual Studio and has presented at the Microsoft launch events for both VSTS2005 and VSTS2008. Anthony is a Microsoft MVP (Team System), a Certified Scrum Master and a member of the INETA Speakers Bureau. He is also the president of the QLD VSTS users group and maintains a blog at http://www.myvstsblog.com

William Bartholomew

William is widely recognised as a leading Australian expert on the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) suite and has been awarded as a Microsoft® Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He is the Vice-President of the Queensland VSTS User Group and has presented at numerous Microsoft events throughout Australia. He is also the co-author of Inside the Microsoft® Build Engine: Using MSBuild and Team Foundation Build published by Microsoft Press.